20 Pieces of Advice for the New Coach

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Chet Morjaria

While working on a webinar for new coaches, the idea for this article popped to my head. It came together quickly too – because it’s a mix of the holes I see coaches falling into time and again, and advice which I’ve been told has really helped over the years.

As I looked back on what I had written, these pieces of guidance seemed to separate out into these five key areas:

  • Client Care
  • Client Goals
  • Client Base
  • Education
  • Life

Hope you find them useful.

20 Pieces of Advice for the New Coach

Client Care
  • #1: Make your clients feel better, not worse, after every session.
  • #2: Make your clients feel good in general.
  • #3: Put your clients first…
  • #4: …but make sure you can do that sustainably.
Client Goals
  • #5: Don’t assume that every client’s main movement goal is skill acquisition.
  • #6: Don’t assume that every client’s main conditioning goal is to “get beasted”.
  • #7: Don’t assume that every client’s main strength goal is one-rep maxes.
Client Base
  • #8: Build it and they won’t come. Build them and it will come.
  • #9: Clients will come in abundance when you stop being desperate for them (it shows).
  • #10: Clients will stay when you stop being scared about them leaving (it shows).
  • #11: Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.
  • #12: Put yourself in front of those you respect and ask to learn from them.
  • #13: Don’t look to find the answers. Look to find the right questions. 
  • #14: Find someone to teach you how to be a more effective communicator. 
  • #15: Learn to properly assess movement. 
  • #16: Be prepared to travel for meaningful education.
  • #17: Be prepared to intern, for free.
  • #18: Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • #19: Take account of your own stuff – not just in your head, but to yourself, your family, and your clients
  • #20: Back yourself. Be yourself. And better yourself. Each day and always.
If you did find this useful, or feel the newer coaches in your network or gym would benefit, please share it – #18!

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