Movement coaching for coaches – LIVE and in-person

The Athlete Phase

Understand how to screen athletes and being able to offer meaningful inductions and assessments through
Movement Assessments and Movement Solutions.

Movement Assessment Module

Assess human movement and develop powerful client and member induction systems.
Book Module

Movement Solutions Module

Devise your own corrective strategies and deliver unique, progressive training solutions.
Book Module

Movement Assessment

During this module you will learn:
  • The real reasons we squat, press, and deadlift
  • The 6 key principles behind good movement and how to use them
  • The intricate performance points of the squat, deadlift, and press
  • The difference between mobility, stability, and motor control issues
  • How to screen and assess members in a one-to-one and group setting
  • How to develop your “coaches eye” when assessing dynamic movement
  • How to triage movement faults in terms of which to correct next
  • The difference between structural and neural movement issues
  • The truth behind what “neutral” means in theory and practice
After this module you will be able to:
  • Perform joint-based assessments on the gym floor
  • Quickly and easily check for mobility and stability issues
  • Effective prioritise which faults to fix first
  • Use self-corrective drills to empower your members to learn faster
  • Run your own movement assessment inductions
  • Develop powerful member induction systems
  • Create corrective sequences for individual members and clients

Movement Solutions

During this module you will learn:
  • The real reasons we regress
  • The 6 key principles behind effective exercise selection
  • The only 4 training variables you ever need to change
  • The differences between regression, progression, variation, and lateralisation
  • How to teach movement incredibly effectively in a group setting
  • How to build unique regression and progression systems for you and your coaches
  • How to build out purposeful training programs 
After this module you will be able to:
  • Develop your own regression and progression continuums for the major movement patterns
  • Make meaningful individualised movement coaching decisions on the fly
  • Create your own unique movement drills to suit the member and the situation
  • Delivery more powerful movement coaching to your members
  • Get better results for your members through more relevant exercise selection
  • Deliver truly individualized training solutions to your private clients
  • Build out your own movement and strength training programs

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LEARN FROM RENOWNED COACHES using a system that has been refined from over a decade of experience and proven time and time again

BOOST YOUR CREDENTIALS with a development programme rapidly gaining recognition

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