Programming and coaching systems – discussed LIVE.

The Business Phase

Understand how to both individualise and systemise your programming and
provide more relevant, higher-end programming through
Premium Programming and Systemise and Scale.

Premium Programming Module

Individualise your programming to create bespoke, premium packages.

Book Module

Systemise and Scale Module

Implement coaching systems that build a profitable, sustainable business.
Book Module

Premium Programming

During this module you will learn:
  • The 3 principles of premium programming
  • How to balance stress and recovery in your programming
  • How to balance intensity and volume in your programming
  • Whether you should periodise your programming
  • The problem with percentage-based programming
  • What you need to know about VBT for purposeful coaching
  • What you need to know about HRV for improved recovery
  • How to create premium programs at no expense to you
After this module you will be able to:
  • Create unique assessment and programming systems for your business
  • Program effective training days, weeks, and blocks
  • Get better results with your members and clients
  • Create high-ticket programs and membership options
  • Charge more for your programming and coaching services
  • Adjust training programs on the fly to maximise training effect
  • Give better training feedback to members and clients 

Systemise and Scale

During this module you will learn:
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your current coaching and business approach
  • Which of your services should be scaled up and which should be scaled down
  • How to make business decisions that are meaningful, sustainable, and progressive
  • How get your current best clients to continue to spend money with you
  • How to work with more of these best clients
  • The 4 coaching systems you need in order to to scale your business
  • The principles of an effective internship programme
After this module you will be able to:
  • Develop your coaches in a way that is meaningful for them, the business, and the members
  • Create business systems that build a profitable, sustainable company 
  • Implement coaching systems that allow you to take breaks away from the business
  • Map out your customer journeys to improve conversion and retention
  • Create marketing messages that connect with your target audience
  • Perform instant financial analysis of the business to make more meaningful decisions
  • Create a growth plan for the busniess

LEARN AND APPLY new principles, techniques, and strategies in fitness, coaching, and business

NETWORK with a diverse group of like-minded coaches on live courses and in support groups.

LEARN FROM RENOWNED COACHES using a system that has been refined from over a decade of experience and proven time and time again

BOOST YOUR CREDENTIALS with a development programme rapidly gaining recognition

COMPLETE AT YOUR OWN PACE on courses that run throughout the year, up and down the country

INCREASE YOUR INCOME by offering a wider range of products, boosting your coaching expertise, charging more for your services, and systemising your business