The core of becoming a better coach – taught to you LIVE.

The Coach Phase

Understand yourself as a coach, how to create buy-in with athletes, and
create more powerful human connections through
The Art of Coaching and The Science of Coaching.

The Art of Coaching Module

Create buy-in, empower behavioural change, and increase client retention.

Book Module

The Science of Coaching Module

Create coaching cues and structure sessions to maximise client results.

Book Module

The Art of Coaching

During this module you will learn:
  • What effective coaching actually means
  • The three universal principles of coaching
  • Who your target customer is, and how to connect with them
  • The real reason they come to you, and how to maximise this
  • Who you are as a coach and what your coaching values are
  • Why traditional coaching methods are often ineffective
  • Why you should avoid telling members what to do
  • What buy in really means, and how to create it
  • How to coach in a way that is truly member-focused
  • How to become a humanistic coach
After this module you will be able to:
  • Understand why you coach the way you do
  • Create marketing that is more representative of your values
  • Connect better with potential members and members
  • Empower your members to take responsibility for their strength and fitness
  • Build more powerful long-term relationships with your coaches and members
  • Use your coaching skills to create convert more potential members into members
  • Prepare your coaching just like you prepare your programming
  • Coach each athlete in accordance to how they respond best
  • Handle troublesome members more effectively and with less stress

The Science of Coaching

During this module you will learn:
  • Why perfect practice doesn’t lend itself to effective learning
  • Different types of learning and how to improve at each
  • How to structure skill practice for optimal learning
  • The significance of movement variability
  • Why you should avoid giving too much feedback
  • The principles of external visual cueing
  • How to increase the “intensity” of proprioceptive cues
  • The 3 elements of a powerful coaching cue
  • The 2 different types of feedback and when to use each
After this module you will be able to:
  • Create your own unique coaching cues and analogies
  • Help members learn faster and retain that learning
  • Help members transfer their learning better to their outside-the-gym goals
  • Design the most effective training sessions possible
  • Influence movement change more quickly and effectively
  • Be a more precise and powerful coach
  • Build a personal library of coaching cues

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