A 2-day LIVE introduction to the principles of movement and coaching.

Coaching Elements

Carve your own pathway in the world of strength and movement coaching.
Coaching Elements will empower you to develop an understanding  and coaching framework that genuinely helps you to help clients and members. 

To help you develop a coaching framework that can be used the moment you return to your clients

Via analysis of the squat, press and. and deadlift you will learn:

► The fundamental, undebatable principles of strength training.
► The significance of the central nervous system in strength training.
► The importance of tension and bracing and breathing techniques.
► The relevance and application of concentric, eccentric, and isometric methods
► The role of speed and how to use it as a teaching tool
► A template for regression and progression of strength movements.
► Simple systems for analysing the squat, deadlift, and press
► Drills and cues that are rooted in how the body and the brain interact.

LEARN AND APPLY new principles, techniques, and strategies in fitness, coaching, and business

NETWORK with a diverse group of like-minded coaches on live courses and in support groups.

LEARN FROM RENOWNED COACHES using a system that has been refined from over a decade of experience and proven time and time again

BOOST YOUR CREDENTIALS with a development programme rapidly gaining recognition

COMPLETE AT YOUR OWN PACE on courses that run throughout the year, up and down the country

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