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Chet Morjaria

The feeling of being trapped is all-too-common in modern day life.

Consider the following scenarios, no doubt true of many of your members:

  • In a rubbish job they don’t want to do – but they have debt and no savings, and this job pays a good pension so they feel they can’t leave.
  • In a relationship they are not happy with – but have kids and joint commitments which makes leaving the relationship seem very hard.
  • Even “smaller” things like being tied into a contract on their mobile phone – which has a cracked screen and needs changing.
The context surrounding many people’s lives is one of entrapment.

This means if you want to:

  • Be the safe space for your members (and this is incredibly important),
  • Help your members become better, more resilient, stronger, and more powerful humans and not just better, more resilient, stronger and more powerful athletes (if you do this, you have a member for life and a strong referrer).
  • Empower your members to be the best version of themselves (often within mission statements).
Then you need to provide choice for your members at every step of the way.

Why Choice?

Choice is the gateway to empowerment. And choice in the gym is the gateway to empowerment in life.

But this is the opposite of the coaching culture created in most gyms, where:

  • Coaching is prescriptive there is little to no choice within coaching interactions.
  • Coaching is based on winning and technical mastery, not on member-purpose – there is little to no choice on individually meaningful options.
  • Members are told what to do daily – there is little to no choice in everyday sessions.
  • Members have little opportunity for feedback – there little to no choice on their future at the gym, their safe and supposedly stable space.
  • Member and clients are hoarded  – there is little to no choice to train elsewhere or with others.

Flip the Switch

How do we flip the switch on this to create a culture of choice? It’s simple, but not easy:
Create an environment through which your members can make meaningful choices through guided self-reflection.
Because that’s what we do, or should be doing, as facility owners and coaches.
We teach how to do this in The Art of Coaching Module – and there are two of these modules in May.
Creating an environment like this is creating a place where members want to go to, want to be, and want to stay.

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