Maximising Individual Relevance Within Group Coaching

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Chet Morjaria

Maximising individual relevance means maximising individual results.

Here’s the two differences between you and that gym down the road:

  • Community
  • Individual attention.

You talk about both of these on your website.

  • The power of community when it comes to sustained motivation and enjoyment.
  • The power of individual attention when it comes to results.

There’s a lot to be said for the community side of a gym, but that’s a post for another day. Today, let’s focus on individuality.

You already do a lot to treat each member as an individual human being:
  • You speak with each member personally to answer their questions as they get started.
  • You make sure you know everything about each member – their lives, their families, and their work.
  • You send each member cards and gifts on big life occasions – weddings, babies, and so on.

This is awesome. You treat them as humans first, members and athletes second.

You already continue this individual emphasis at the athlete level too:
  • You provide one-to-one inductions (SUPER-powerful for retention – consider why).
  • You perform individual goal setting sessions.
  • You assist with individual nutrition plans.
  • You work with individuals on skills after the main session.

You do all this to help each individual get the results he or she desires.

Yet, when it comes to your coaching – the core of the service you provide – individualisation suffers.
Because of this, individual results suffer.

You might disagree. After all, you do work hard to regress or scale the workout for each individual member. But simply helping an athlete regress or progress a movement (you are regressing movement and not just weight and reps, right?) isn’t effective individualisation.

Here’s what I tend to see:

  • No regression and progression system – this might mean more individualisation, but it’s not particularly purposeful or consistent across time and coaches, so results suffer
  • A two-up-two-down regression and progression matrix. This means each coach knowing two regressions and two progressions for each main movement. This is often taught when developing coaching systems and within coach development programmes. Two-up-two-down is better than no system at at all, as it adds consistency. However, this approach is not maximising relevance to any given athlete at any given time. And maximising individual relevance means maximising individual results.

It doesn’t matter whether coaching within a class, small group, or semi-private setting, relevance matters. So, how do you maximise this within your sessions?

  • You conduct a proper assessment.
  • You understand how to interpret the results.
  • You implement appropriate streaming.
  • You create meaningful programming.
  • You prescribe purposeful regressions and progressions.
Anything less than this, and you’re leaving results, retention, and most importantly, relationships on the table.
We always talk about “showing you care” and “giving a sh*t”. Individual relevance in movement coaching is a very tangible way to show you care, and provide true and specific value to members and clients.

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