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Chet Morjaria

We’re all told that in order to differentiate ourselves, we need to consistently create great, original content.

And that’s true. Decent and appropriate original content shows:

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to speak in a way others understand.
  • The ability to parse content and piece together the best and most relevant information to others.
Both of these are what a coach needs and what a coach does. And when it comes to posting content on social media there are three types of coach:

A Bad Coach Steals Content

Taking inspiration is fine. Taking content is not. But there’s an easy way around all of that. Credit your damn sources. Unless you have straight-up copied from them, which is probably why you don’t want to credit them. Even the best coaches stand on the shoulders of giants who stood before them, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with respected peers and mentors. Stealing content – whether it’s writing, programming, or even pictures (yes, not everything on the internet is a free-for all) is unacceptable and the mark of a poor coach. It shows a lack of ability in communication, and a lack of ability to filter information, which leads to scatter gun coaching.

This type of coach can often be found:
  • Copying and pasting, or “tweaking” other people’s content, often passing it off as his or her own.
  • At very best, reposting information with little regard for source or relevance.

A Good Coach Selects Content

The ability to select appropriate information is a skill that improves with insight. Insight is gained through education, combined with putting that education into practice: learning what works, what doesn’t, and why. Then comes figuring out what works for everyone, and what only works for some people. Finally, putting this information into practice in a selective and relevant manner and being the filter between the information and the audience. This leads to a shotgun approach to coaching rather than scatter gun coaching.

This type of coach can often be found:
  • Reposting mostly decent information with a small amount of direction of attention or additional insight e.g. “This is a great piece for those who struggle with pull ups”.

A Great Coach Creates Content

Not posts content up. Creates content. There is absolutely nothing wrong with posting up content from others – instructional videos, good articles, the occasional meme. But providing a unique interpretation on these snippets of information is even better, and the mark of a conscientious coach.

What’s best is the ability to collect and draw insight from a range of sources, have the ability to break these down, and put them together again in a targeted manner to a specific audience. After all, there is nothing new in this world.

The best coaches are those who can:

  • Assimilate a diverse range of information
  • Interrogate and question integrity, relevance, and veracity
  • Extrapolate information to the circumstances of those they are coaching

This coach creates unique systems along the way based on universal truths, and has a practical understanding of individual differences.

This type of coach can often be found:
  • Posting unique, interesting, and original content, with inspiration drawn from many diverse and disparate sources.
  • Helping connect up concepts with the purpose of the intended audience in mind, and with an intent for specific improvement. This leads to a sniper approach to coaching which is scoped specifically for the intended target.
Credit your sources, draw insight from many, and use them to put together a system through which you can create content unique and original content that is specifically targeted to the needs of your audience.
That’s how great coaches roll, whether creating content or coaching.

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