One Word That Will Make You a Better Coach (and More Money)

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Chet Morjaria


That one word is relevance.

We’re no longer in the information age.
We’re in the relevance age.

People don’t pay premium prices to be told the best information.
People pay premium prices to be coached with relevance.

That’s why coached group training costs more than going to a mainstream gym.
That’s why small group training costs more than large group training.

That’s why semi-private training costs more than small group training.
That’s why personal training costs more than semi-private training.


Often, what we term as coaching is little more than giving information:
  • Reading out the workout on the whiteboard.
  • Demoing and pointing out the performance points of a lift.
  • Shouting the same cues to the same people every week.
  • Telling them how much time is left on the workout.
  • Explaining to them what they just did wrong.

Are these aspects of delivering a session necessary?
Yes for some, no for others.

But in either case, our coaching shouldn’t stop here.
This is just the base from which we can create relevance.

We Teach Relevance, Not Information

We teach relevance through the entire Strength Education Coach Development Programme because:

Relevance creates meaningful experiences for members and clients.
And meaningful experiences create members and clients who stick around.

Athlete Phase
  • Movement Assessment – How to determine relevance and create meaningful movement improvement.
  • Movement Solutions – How to select more relevant movement variations and get better, more meaningful results.
Coach Phase
  • The Art of Coaching – How to ask more relevant questions and deliver powerful, meaningful coaching.
  • The Science of Coaching – How to deliver more relevant coaching cues and create lasting, meaningful change.
Business Phase
  • Premium Programming – How to write more relevant programming for which you can charge more, in a meaningful way.
  • Systemise and Scale – How to create relevance at scale and grow your business, meaningfully.

Create Relevance In Your Coaching and Business

Here are three steps to making yourself a better coach, and making more money:

  1. Learn how to create relevance within all aspects of your coaching.
  2. Implement maximum relevance within the constraints of your current coaching model.
  3. Create tiered coaching services, to create a “relevance ladder” for your members and clients to climb.

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