Strength Education Coach Development Programme

Ready to better assess your athletes, become a more powerful coach, and transform your business?

Become a Strength Education Coach, through a series of six 2-day live courses.

Register for the whole Programme or only choose the phase(s) that most interest you.

I’m not sure where to begin.
How do I get started?

Step 1: If you're not sure, attend our Coaching Elements course to get a taster of the full Programme.

Step 2: Otherwise, choose where to begin your SECDP journey.

Step 3: Commit to the whole Programme, or one phase, or even just a module.

Step 4: Review your study pack in preparation for the the live coaching days.

Step 5: Attend the live modules, learn from the tutors, and interact with other coaches.

Step 6: Put your new knowledge into practice with support from the coaches in the Facebook groups.

Step 7:  Continue your journey to becoming a Strength Education Coach.

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Live Modules

What our coaches are saying

"Their technique is ten-fold better...and the retention of my clients is better than ever."
~Claire Jones

"Through me coming on Strength Education courses, my coaches also improve"
~Danny Wisniewski

"Breaking down my PT business has been a big push forward to get the right client base."
~Euan MacNeil