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Chet Morjaria

“I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.”
~Dudley Field Malone

At Strength Education, we attract with passionate, purpose-driven coaches with a hunger for self-development. These coaches often feel they are at a crossroads with their coaching and want to build their own coaching philosophy.

And this combination means that we often connect coaches who are not a fan of certain other training methodologies or coaching approaches, sitting in the same room as each other.

This is where the fun and real learning comes in, and this is where we excel – facilitating the sharing of best practice between coaches to challenge each coach to build his or her own, strong, reasoned coaching philosophy.

However, this is down to the coach who is there to learn too. Because being closed-minded to ANY other training methodology limits your learning as a coach.  And there is so much to learn from those who you disagree with.

Here are five ways you can maximise learning from coaches who teach methodologies you don’t agree with:

1> Talk with them about your concerns with their methodology. Chances are, as self-aware coaches, they share these concerns too.

2> Seek not to understand the differences between them and you, but the similarities.

3> Often, this is coupled with some resentment that these other approaches are still successful despite perceived misgivings. Figure out what they do well and see if you can do that better in your coaching practice.

4> If they are so bad, how do they build relationships with clients and buy them into their methodologies? Learn from this.

5> If you’ve never actually tried the other training methodology, offer to swap a session with you for a session with them. Experience what it is like for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Often, the best learning lives where you think there is none.

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